Meet U.W. Leo

Young adult author U.W. LEO was inspired as a young child to become a writer, having spent much of his childhood with his uncle, David Shachar, a well-known Isaeli writer and winner of the prestigious Prix Médicis award, an French literary award for fiction writing. The seed for U.W. LEO's writing passion was planted and grew as he continued writing short stories, poems, and letters.

An interesting experience that U.W. LEO has while writing is the feeling that the book is writing itself as the story comes to life on its own, seemingly with no control from U.W. LEO, and that the story is also writing a part of his own existence. He finds this process to be magnificent and a true reflection of the wonder of life itself.

When he isn’t writing captivating young adult stories, U.W. LEO enjoys learning new things, reading, watching movies, and playing chess. One of his greatest pleasures is simply having a chat and coffee with a friend or family member. U.W. LEO is also the author of Red Silkworms, winner of the Ministry of Education’s Award for Emerging Authors, and Days of Light and Shadow, both novels of fiction. U.W. LEO lives, physically, near Jerusalem in Israel and, mentally, at Kepler-29JW, a planet 1,500 light years from Earth.